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About Versaries and our development team. Includes founder biographies and the history of our startup.

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Versaries is a new, self-funded startup located in Southern Ohio. Founded in 2011, the company's focus is on developing mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android. We aim to develop high-quality apps that people love to share.

The team has just finished their first app, Versaries. If you would like to join the action, head over to our Jobs page.

Abot the Versaries Founders

Daren Murrer ~ Product Development Director
Daren is an inventor and lifelong entrepreneur. Besides being the founder of five successful companies, he is a skilled Internet marketer and an expert in PPC and organic SEO. In 2000 he was an inventor of a paid search method and system for search engines and was awarded a United States Patent for his innovations in 2006. When not leading product development for Versaries, he has been known to fly planes and build robots.

Chris Reiff ~ Principal Creative
Chris specializes in illustration for children's books and is an inventor and toy design professional with over 15 years experience in all stages of new product development. His work with licensed properties like Star Wars and Lego can be found in toy aisles everywhere and in books from companies like DK Publishing, Random House and Scholastic.

Tj Fallon ~ Lead Programmer
Tj is a mobile systems programmer specializing in C++, Java, Python, Haskell and Objective C. Before joining Versaries, Tj studied under a technology director of Midway Games. Prior to freelance programming, he was a chef for six years. A Mensa member, he specializes in leisure studies and is a level 85 undead mage.

Tom Humphrey ~ General Counsel
Tom is a patent lawyer in private practice with Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP. Tom has a BS and MS from MIT's department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a law degree from Harvard Law School. Prior to law school, Tom worked as an electronics designer with Analog Devices and as a teaching assistant with Dr. Amar Bose at MIT. Tom's clients range from large companies such as Sony, IBM and Covidien, to small startups. Tom's hobbies include sailing, cars, and tinkering with electronics and software.

Cole Horton ~ Communications Director
Cole leads communications and community development for Versaries. After starting his first business at age 17, he studied History, Business, and Psychology at Indiana University. More recently, his resume includes marketing & consumer insights for a Fortune 50 company on some of the worlds largest brands. Outside of his professional ventures, Cole spends time heading public relations and community management for two online fan communities.

If you would like to contact our founders, please see our Contact page.


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